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Tenerife Airport

Tenerife Airport TFN / TFS

Tenerife South airport was inaugurated in the year 1978 by the queen of Spain, Sofia; hence the airport was dedicated to her. The municipality of Granadilla de Abona is where the airport was built, while Santa Cruz is about 37.5 miles away. The airport was built as a modern structure and has just one terminal. The airport caters to almost more than 100 flights that are connected to various other flights out of Tenerife.

The airport at North of Tenerife is also called Los Rodeos Airport. The airport serves inter island flights that connect Europe, the Spanish Peninsular, South America as well as the seven Canary islands. The Tenerife North Airport is located just 11 km from Santa Cruz. Aviation history's worst accident was recorded at this airport. There are almost 40 flights that operate between Tenerife North airport and Gran Canaria making it the busiest airport. On arrival at the airport travellers can hire cars and other vehicles and is easily located at the arrivals section. Tourists can check for travel information and guides to numerous destinations in Tenerife at the tourist office areas.

Both the airports are in constant competition with each other to be the best, and most of the times, the rate of flights are reduced to attract travellers.

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